Safety Switches and Surge Protectors Brisbane

Safety switches or surge protectors are a vital element to ensure human safety in a home, workplace, or recreational environment. Thankfully Denman PAC have made it easy to ensure your family, employees’, and customers’ safety is protected.

We can install safety switches and surge protectors throughout Brisbane buildings. Safety switches (also called RCD Residual Current Device or ELCB Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker) are designed to disconnect the electrical circuit when an imbalance is detected between the live and neutral wires supplying a circuit or specific equipment. An imbalance may indicate that there is a leakage of current to somewhere else. Electricity leakages are exceptionally dangerous, especially if the leakage is to a person. The device detects the imbalance and within milliseconds it disconnects the current, which may save a life or prevent electrical fires.

Denman PAC can also conduct safety checks for you to ensure your electrical sockets and equipment are up-to-date. Contact us today to find out about our safety switches and surge protectors installation and testing service in Brisbane!