What is Ducted Air Conditioning

Where does the name Ducted Air Conditioning come from?

Conditioned air is delivered into the room or area by ducting that connects back to the indoor unit.

What is ducted air conditioning?

Flexible ducting carries air from the indoor unit to the outlets (also known as diffusers or grills) to supply air to that particular room.

How do ducted systems work?

Air is taken from the area being conditioned. That air then passes across the heat exchanger coil in the indoor unit and is then delivered back into the required room 8 to 12 degrees lower or higher depending on whether operating in cooling or heating mode.

What is the ducted indoor unit?

The ducted indoor unit is placed in the roof space and pumps conditioned air around. It can also be known as a fan cool unit or an air handling unit.

What is a return air grill?

A return air grill is a grill that the air flows through to get up to the indoor unit.

What is an outdoor ducted air conditioning unit?

A ducted system outdoor unit is also known as a condenser or a condensing unit. The condensing unit disperses unwanted heat generated by operation of the system.

What if I have a highset house, how do I get the ducting downstairs?

Sometimes with highset houses it is possible to use available cupboards in the house for ducting to be passed through so that ducting doesn’t run through rooms. This option is more aesthetically pleasing.

What should I know about service and maintenance?

Once you have a ducted or split system you should ensure you maintain it to get the most out of your system. Air filters should be kept clean and outdoor units should be free of debris and hosed out annually. If you wish to be included in our Service / Maintenance Reminder program please fill in the Service / Maintenance Reminder form on our Contact page.

How do I know what size air conditioning system I need?
For ducted systems the size of the system required will vary depending on the floor space and intended usage. There are quite a few things that need to be considered but a broad rule of thumb is 150 to 180 watts per square metre for the total area that is required to be on at the same time.
For split systems the broad rule of thumb is 150 to 180 watts per square metre for the total area that is required to be serviced.
How long does it take to install air conditioning?
Domestic ducted system installation typically takes one day, sometimes slightly longer depending on the complexity of the job.
Domestic split system installation typically takes three to four hours.
Commercial installation times will vary dependent on the nature of the individual job.