Split System vs Ducted: Which Option is Right for You?


Choosing the right air conditioner for your home or business may not seem important. But when taking into account your lifestyle and more importantly, your budget, the decision can be the difference between a cost effective and smart investment to a problematic and costly one.

As a quality air conditioning installation company in Brisbane, we are experts when it comes to all things heating and cooling. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, here’s our top tips for choosing between a split system air conditioner and a ducted air conditioner for your family home, investment property or commercial space.  

Split System

While the average person isn’t likely to spend much time analysing or even noticing the air conditioning system in a building, a split system air conditioner is what is most commonly found in homes and small business offices. In simple terms, a split system air conditioner consists of two core parts: the outdoor unit and the indoor unit. The outdoor unit, which includes the compressor, condenser coil and the expansion coil or capillary tubing, is located outside the house, usually on the ground or hung to the wall using brackets. The indoor unit contains the cooling coil, air filter and a long blower.

Now that the logistics and technical side of things are covered, it’s time for the important questions. What are the advantages of choosing a split system air conditioner?

  • Cost effective: One of the biggest advantages of a split system air conditioner is that it is cheaper than a ducted system. This is an instant appeal and great advantage if you are tight for money.
  • Time effective: The split system is also a big time saver as the installation process is easier and quicker, allowing you to enjoy the cool air much faster.
  • Temperature control: As it is controlled by a remote, you have complete control over the temperature, allowing for greater energy efficiency and savings.

But what about the limitations?

  • Visual appeal: If you are concerned about the look of your air conditioner, then a split system may not be for you. Due to the fact that you have to install a unit both inside and outside your home, the bulkier nature of split systems can be undesirable for some, particularly those with limited outdoor space.
  • Cooling capacity: Split systems cannot push cold air beyond their immediate precincts, which makes it less than ideal for larger spaces. You’ll need to ask yourself – how much power will it consume? Will it be costly to run? How large is the layout of my property?

Why choose a split system air conditioner?

A split system is an efficient and cost-effective way to cool a single room in your home, rather than requiring heating or cooling in all rooms of the house. Whether it’s required for a single room or a small office, split systems are ideal for small spaces that don’t require much cooling.

If a split system air conditioner sounds like the perfect option for your requirements, be sure to give our friendly team a call for expert advice and supreme quality air conditioning installation in Brisbane. At Denman Pac, our complete turnkey service means your air-conditioning will be fully functional when we leave your site, eliminating the need to call any other company! We supply, install, maintain, service and repair all kinds of split system air conditioning systems for domestic, commercial, and industrial clients.

Ducted System

The most obvious difference between ducted air and a split system air is the way in which the units present. While a split system has internal and external components, a ducted system is concealed and has an internal unit installed within the roof of a building. The air is pushed into multiple rooms via a concealed ducted system, which is controlled using individual controls or zoning.

What are the main advantages of choosing a ducted air conditioning system?

  • Larger cooling/heating capacity: Ducted systems are a most efficient and cost effective way to cool the whole building.
  • Temperature control system: The temperature system allows you to set conditioned zones and control the temperature in each location.
  • Cost-effective and efficient: When not in use, you are able to turn off certain zones to save power.
  • Visual appearance: As the unit is much more discrete than a split system, the visual appeal is nicer.
  • Quieter: Ducted systems also have the added benefit of being quieter as the noise-making competent is located outside of the home, which reduces the amount of noise produced.

What are the limitations of choosing ducted?

  • More expensive installation costs: As the installation process is more technical and requires more work, it takes longer to install. Also, if you opt for zoning, you’ll find this will certainly add to the initial costs (however will pay off in the long run).
  • Not suitable to install in all buildings: Unlike split systems, a ducted system can only be installed where there is sufficient space for ducting.
  • Higher running costs: As the ducted systems are much larger than split systems and generally cover a wider area, they’re always going to cost more to run.

Why choose a ducted system air conditioner?

Unlike a split system, a ducted system is the ideal option for larger spaces. Whether it’s a double storey home or a large commercial space, a ducted system has the capacity to maintain consistent air flow throughout buildings of all sizes and shapes.

There’s no denying that air conditioning systems and installation fees do not come cheap. However, just like any other lifelong investment, it’s important to do your research to ensure you’re investing in a product that suits your requirements and is guaranteed to meet your expectations.

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