What is Split System Air Conditioning

What does the term multi head mean?

A multi head system is a type of split system, however where a split system has one outdoor unit and one indoor unit a multi head system has one outdoor unit and multiple indoor units.

Where does the name Split System Air Conditioning come from?

A split system gets this term to differentiate it from its predecessor the box air conditioner. The box air conditioner was one unit placed in a wall with the condenser part exposed to the outdoors. In a split system the air conditioner is split into two separate units to conduct the separate functions. So a split system has an indoor unit (evaporator) and an outdoor unit (condenser).

What is split system air conditioning and how does it work?

Air flows across the heat exchanger in the indoor unit and is delivered into the area being conditioned 8 to 10 degrees cooler or warmer depending on the cooling or heating function being used.

What is involved with installing a split system air conditioning unit?

The indoor unit bracket is first hung on the wall. Then a 60m hole is drilled into the wall to the outside in order to run the ducting / structure down to the outdoor unit location. The outdoor unit is positioned. Pipes and drains are then run and power connected. After this the system must be evacuated and commissioned.

What does back to back mean?

The expression ‘back to back’ relates to split system air conditioners where the outdoor unit is placed on the back of the same wall on which the indoor unit is placed and so generally only requires about three metres of piping and cabling to connect.

How long does it take to install split system air conditioning?
Domestic ducted system installation typically takes one day, sometimes slightly longer depending on the complexity of the job.
Domestic split system installation typically takes three to four hours.
Commercial installation times will vary dependent on the nature of the individual job.